About US

Baciocchi Associati is an architectural practice specializing in architectural and interior design, restorations and furnishing design, with a sole philosophy: the pursuit of quality and personality, in all of their hues, as a universal and culturally recognized value.

Founded by architect Roberto Baciocchi, the Studio realizes international-scale projects, including experimentation and continuous research, respect for tradition and reinterpretation of the classical standards of beauty, innovation and creative passion.

Thanks to the deep expertise of the Studio, space, light, materials and colors are molded in an innovative way, for both small and large surfaces with an outstanding attention to detail: a new way of conceiving architecture, of creating new emotions rejecting any obviousness, in a constant search for unexplored but coherent paths and in a real reinterpretation of the traditional criteria at the core of shapes and matters, playing between elementary geometries and careful constructions.

Ability to plan, creativity and executiveness in the name of the Made in Italy.

Every single project is developed by a team of architects, designers and technicians who work closely with the best local craft tradition, to carry out projects with a strong identity and functionality.